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Sophisticated, Refined & Elegant Female Domination

She Was a Phantom of Delight - William Wordsworth / Goddess Serena

Do you have your own facility?
I work from a gorgeous, newly renovated dungeon called The Oubliette. I am one of two resident mistresses at The Oubliette, the other being the owner of the dungeon, Mistress Paris.

Do you offer discounts?
No. It's that simple.

I haven't received a reply from you, why is that?
I maintain my website and all of my social platforms solely by myself and I am constantly inundated with messages and emails. It can take a long time to reply to each message individually. Although I do aim to reply within 48 hours, naturally this isn't always possible, and it can occasionally take a little longer.


Additionally, a lot of emails get filtered into my 'spam' folder, which I only check sporadically.
Ensure that you use the correct application form and that you put thought and time into your email. If your email is vulgar or careless and threadbare, I will not reply to you. For your ease I have supplied some simple etiquette rules above the application form - if you follow these rules and make a concise effort to come across as genuine, there is no reason that I will not reply.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
It takes a lot of time and effort to ready myself and my play-space for an appointment, and I have been let down far too often in the past by time-wasters that decide not to turn up. I have to pay for my time at The Oubliette, and I am no longer willing to pay for the play-space for clients to not show up.
The deposit covers the rental of the play rooms in The Oubliette, nothing more. 

There are absolutely no exceptions to my deposit system.

Do you cater for out-calls?
 I will occasionally provide out-call appointments for clients I have seen before (and trust) from an outside dungeon/hotel.

Are you happy to dominant females?

Yes, very.

Are you willing to see couples?
Absolutely. I am always happy to see couples, either as a mentoring role or as an active participant in the whole session or individual scenes.

Can you provide a sub for me to play with in-session?
Yes, although at this time I am only able to provide male slaves. If you wish for a slave to join us in session, please make sure that you express this in advance.

Serena_Filmedbyduke_ 715-Edit.jpg

"If the moon smiled,

She would resemble you.

You leave the same impression 
Of something beautiful, but annihilating."

- Sylvia Plath

Will you have sex with me?
 I do not offer sex or any kind of sexual act. I work in a strictly CFNM environment and will never disrobe.

Will you switch?
I am a natural dominant. I will never engage with anybody as anything other than what I am - a dominant woman.

Can you wear an outfit for me?
I will always happily consider polite outfit suggestions. As long as the outfit is something I own and wear and it is functional for the kind of appointment you want, I have no problem with requests.
If you wish me to wear an outfit that I don't already own, you are welcome to purchase an outfit of your choice for me to wear in our appointment and post or deliver it to me ahead of time (as long as it is appropriate and I have given you the go ahead).

Do you provide after care?
Of course. I always offer my clients anything they need at the end of my appointment with them, and allow them as long as they need to chat with me and have a drink if they wish to have one. I am always happy to provide scheduled after care, too. If you are prone to sub-drop, please do let me know and I can organise some time for us to sit and chat for as long as you need. 
For subs that are lucky enough to receive corporal punishment from me in their appointment, I am always able to provide a soothing after-care application of arnica gel onto any sore areas to help prevent bruising. You only need to ask politely. 

Can I meet you before we session together?
If you are willing to pay for my time, I am always happy to meet potential clients at The Oubliette before we session together, be that immediately before we session or a couple of days prior.

Can I chat to you before we start our session?
I usually begin my session as soon as my client arrives as this feels more authentic and natural to me, however, if you are nervous and would like to chat for a few minutes before we begin, I am happy to do so, just let me know in your application.

I am a complete novice, what do you recommend?
I am always happy to see newcomers to the scene. I believe it is very important for your first time to be experienced with somebody you trust, or a professional in a safe and clean environment. I will listen to your limits, as with all of my clients, and try a few different things with you and gently push you in areas that I can see resonate with you. You will always be given a safe-word if you ask for one, and I will never make you do anything you are not comfortable with. I operate by instinct and have a natural empathy with people, I am normally able to tell by  body language or expression if something isn't quite to a persons liking, and can modify quickly.

Do you offer same-day sessions?
It is incredibly rare that I am able to offer same-day sessions, and I only offer these to clients that I know and trust to turn up. If I haven't seen you before, there is no chance of a same-day session.

Can I arrange my appointment on the phone?
I conduct my whole application process via email. There are many reasons for this, but mainly it is because I find it to be the best forum for in-depth conversation. It is easy to forget things on the phone, etc. I am happy to chat with you on the phone if it is at all necessary, but I will not indulge you in any pre-session fantasy chat. If you wish for this, you can call me on a paid line.

Will you meet me for dinner or drinks?
I will never meet you for dinner or drinks unless I know and trust you as a friend as well as a client.

Am I able to shower at The Oubliette?
Yes of course, but you must let me know in advance for this to be arranged. The Oubliette often hosts people exploring their kinks overnight, and so cleaning needs to be arranged to ensure that the shower room is kept clean and fresh for our stayers.

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